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Your one stop shop for your Finance and career essentials

Finance Club at Virginia Tech was founded in 2019. COVID shut down Finance Club at Virginia Tech for a few years but in 2022, Finance Club at Virginia Tech was brought back to life to give student all the necessary tools and resources that they need to succeed during their time at Virginia Tech. Although this club attracts finance student, the resources provided by this club can be used by Finance Club at Virginia Tech members to land their dream job or get the most preparation they need for anything that is job related. In the Resources Tab, you will find:

  • Finance specific information like Finance majors and options

  • various different careers related to Finance

  • a planning page with information on specific activities to do during each stage of your college career

  • a networking page with resources and tips

  • an interview page with information on how to prepare and perform in different types of interviews

  • a resume page with a template and different ways to make your resume stand out

  • a studying page with different types of studying methods that have been proven to be effective to help you retain different types of material (qualitative, quantitative, etc.)

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