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  • Assignment Tracker Spreadsheet

    • Go through the schedules for all your classes and input any important date on this spreadsheet.​​​

    • Allows you to create one central location that has a chronological list of all the assignments/exam on the horizon.

    • Instructions are included on the Spreadsheet.

      • Access by clicking on the Green Box --->​

  • Grade Tracking Spreadsheet

    • It is vital to understand how your course's weight assignment or exams

      • Understanding this will set you up for success

    • Canvas does not always accurately display your grade in the class

    • Calculate your grade accurately using this Excel Spreadsheet --->

      • Use the breakdown of grading from the course syllabus

      • Input your grades on previous assignments

      • Estimate what you will get on future assignments

  • Helpful Tools for Course Request​​

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