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Welcome to
Finance Club at Virginia Tech

In 2019, Professors Michael Kender, Elesha Wikle, and Wally Newton were advisors for the Finance Club.  Along with other instructors in the Finance Department, Wallace C. Newton played an instrumental role in helping countless Virginia Tech students choose their career paths, prepare for job interviews, and start their business careers for more than a decade. Finance Club and Instructor Wally Newton sponsored many events each year for the Finance Club for students to learn about finance career opportunities and to network with employers and alumni. As a result of the passing of Wally Newton and the global pandemic, the Finance Club limited the traditional in person networking. In 2022, the student organization was rebooted to include in person events. The Finance Club aims to give students the necessary tools that are needed to successfully navigate the recruitment process for internships, full-time positions, and life at Virginia Tech.

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